Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Be Othentic

Your reality depens on how true and
othentic you are with yourself

Think twice before every word

Enjoy this funny video:

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

T h oughts

Your reality is created by your thoughts!

T h ird eye experience video:

Intuition videos:


Foods our body, feelings and mind take in:

1. Sun
2. Water
3. Spelled, Quinoa, Rice, Beet (more nutrition in this post)
4. Company and surrounding
5. Thoughts, Wishes and Dreams that became reality
6. Air

In this third dimension, we feed our third
dimensional body these ingredients!!

Most of us think that Food taken throw
mouth is the most important nutrition.
Its is of course a feeding ingredient we can not live without,

at least until we learn to live in
state of unconditional love, as you can learn from this video:

1. Sun

We feed from sun energy (vitamin d)
the same way we feed from food taken throw mouth!
We are energy and fruits, vegetables, meet and water
are as much energy as sun is.
Because energy can be everything, it
is actually not important what kind of energy
we feed from. What counts is what our consciousness
consider as an energy.
If you know and believe sun or love is energy,
you can as well feed from it!

2. Water

We are 70% water (we are actually 99.9% space,
but out matter is 70% water). Because of
that, the quality of the water consumed is very important!
We will talk in a separate post about it!

3. Spelled, Quinoa, Rice, Beet (more nutrition in this post)

In short. In my opinion, it is best to pay attention
to this in your food:

1. Organic - chemicals are not nutriants,
therefore if you assume food taken to your mouth, needs to
nutrient you, there is no sense in eating chemicals!

2. All colours - every colour of fruit or vegetable,
contain certain vitamins. Make sure every meal
contain all colours.

3. Individuality - listen to your body and
it will tell you what is best for it. Fruits, Vegetables,
Grains, Greens, Meat, Nuts.....
I know a large group of people feeding for years
of fruits only. I also know vegetarians and there is
also a large group of people in the world feeding
from meat and animal fat only, with no
vegetables what so ever!
As long as you are true to your inner voice,
you will get the best and most
quality energy.

4. Intention - if you eat meat and you believe it
is good for your body, it will be good.
If you eat chocolate and you
are sure it is
not good for you now, it will destroy your body!
Eat slowly with intention in every bite
and say your priers before
consuming food into your self. Bless your food :)

5. System - There are different approaches to meals.
My favourite, and this is what i do for myself,
is eating on the go. I eat nuts, fruits and greens
on the way and most of my meals are
not by sitting on the table. I just grub
a fruit and eat half and after an hour
will feel a little hungry and eat the other half.
This works perfectly for me,
if you prefer meals, make sure it is not in front
of T.V or computer, and that you give every
bite it's worthy attention.

6. Food in boxes, cans and etc - every food
your grand-grand-grand-mother would not
recognise as food, is basically out.
The reason is the same as for non organic foods (1)

4. Company and surrounding

Company and surrounding also feed us.
Our mind and feelings feed from it,
therefore it is even more important
then food taken from mouth.

5. Thoughts, Wishes and Dreams that became reality

Remember an instance you had an idea,
and it gave you energy for half a day?
This way exactly every thought
can give you energy or consume your energy.
Think positive about your self, and
about anyone you think of, to get
best energy stock.

6. Air

Air contain all chemical elements in the world!
Every time you breathe air, you get nutrition.
Breathe deep :) and leave the air to absorb.
Also be aware that you can choose what ingredients
to inhale and which not to inhale for your
best nutrition.


Body Parts to pay attention to:

1. Head
2. Hands
3. Breath
4. Legs
5. Stomach (food)

Best meditation video ever:

We pay attention to all that around us, stuff, assignments.
And we care very little about our body, espetually
separate body parts.

All body parts can be under your controll.
Begginers, start with most easier which have
very high importance.
We'll talk of each of them
(heart and pineal gland will be in separate post):

1. Head
2. Hands
3. Breath
4. Legs
5. Stomach (food)